Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Volume 4


The name of my daughter
a miracle birth out east
She rose

She’s my morning light
at the end of the night
She is rising

another day, a new celebration
She fuels my lust for life, it’s time for vacation
I live for Her now & forever

Wild one

as a spark
now, crawling up my spine
She knows no barriers

imprisoned by her beauty
driven mad, by her eyes
I see

She’s the wild one
a rare and dark crusader
She rides the night

Volume 3

The biggest room in the world

in a room of my own, the last frontier, known
I am running

I made it mum
on top of the world, but a bum
in the middle of the slum
I am stumbling

like a knight, noble but white
I ride like a rebel
I create my own light
I draw my sword
It’s time to fight

Lady Luck

running through a field on fire
She cried out into the wilderness
a gracious soul, her life we must bless

the seeds of freedom, scattered among her ashes
She now blows with the wind
a life in flashes

an eternal quest
She now lays to rest
She was the one
the very best

My Heart

It gets a little smaller every year, but It’s still made of gold

Eclipse, a moment of silence

the Moon embraced the Sun
jacked heartbeats, united, I tremble

It came & it went
a moment well spent
without it, my spirit, still hollow


My pride in free fall
in my eyes, She stood tall
Her boots made of leather in fishnets

Her mouth my command
Her mercy, my hand
I must have Her

The price I must pay
Her orders obey
no tomorrow

She whips me with greed
a dark, hidden need
My soul is now freed
and I’m guilty


a gracious sight of rare, so precious
the night meets the day at Dawn

it’s Venus & Mars
melting like candy bars

in the middle of the sea
lightning strike a cloud in me
and I’m speechless

Where the butterflies rumble

a gang of butterflies danced across the bay
their reflections, like fresh Limes, in the ripples

in the Turquoise blue Sea
a mirror world
the place to be
while She is rising

into the wild, I now walk
deep green, I can’t talk
it’s so silent

She whispers, I see
an ancient crooked tree
full of Olives


caught behind many cages
She weeps
a song so sombre & lifeless

so colourful & fair
shinning wild eyes, saying “do I dare”
She’s the lovebird and it’s for her I care

She’s hungry for freedom
in silence She screams
She’s the woman of my wildest dreams

She’s keeper of the message
I’m so desperate to know
I must set her free, it’s time to go


the heat waves of Spring
in the park, birds, the Dawn Chorus sing

I walked down my road
a Pink Cherry tree, I’m owed
Her flowers in blossom
above me

that time of the year
no worries, no fear
I’m ecstatic


She turned into the night
as the lights outlined the city
I sat there seeing, no stars, what a pitty

a pulsating, vibration, trembling
She took a deep breath
Dusk is upon us
it’s the days death

Volume 2

The Drunkard

down in the gutter alike
trapped in troubled waters
the middle of life’s hike

I'm drinking and I drank
another twisted night
got in bed with a skank

into the bottle I dive
drowning in beer
a joyful death, I thrive

scattered among empty beer cans, I’m sleeping
on the road of broken dreams
down the side, I’m creeping

I stink like a skunk
a rotten stench
I’m drunk

Against the stream

swimming against the stream
a solitare quest
in the middle of life’s dream
my head above water
filled with pain, I scream


an inner peace
a marvelous taste
drowning in smelly cheese

a journey so vivid and mad
one of life’s mysteries
makes the day seem bad

in the depths of my mind
the key is buried
a hard one to find

it’s the key to my chest
a heart made of gold
yes, it’s the best

The Song

I can still hear her voice
a gentle vibration, passing
there was never a choice

etched in my mind
She sings the tune
a one off it’s kind

a real treat to hear
like the birds, dawn chorus
She strips me of fear

like the wind, her song travels
inside a wave, she unravels
while I’m lost


into a ditch I slide
blazing cold
inside a white mountain, I hide

under a duvet of snow, I sleep
a bear in hibernation
up to my knees, 6 feet deep

snowflakes falling
shining white crystals
the woods, calling

a frozen tale
can’t feel my fingers
my face, frostbitten & pale

into the snow I stare
blinded by the light of diamonds
it’s a dare

a duel at the break of dawn
a snowball flying
a morning yawn

and I’m shivering

Fire Poems

The Wicked one

She smelt like a bud from the Rose
Her hair danced like waves on the Ocean
in Her eye, a primal flame flickers

I must say, I dream of seeing Her knickers
with the lips of a sparkling red Ruby
She smiles

She’s beautiful, like the dawn of all days
I lost all my words, what shall I say
She rocked my world, I must make Her stay

The Rose

a Rose made of smoke, slowly rising
while Her ashes scattered below

She burns & She turns
a deep respect, She has earned
I must tame Her

random & wild, like the mind of a child
She plays on the strings of tomorrow

a song from within
up the bone marrow, She sings
I must play Her

Spreading like wildfire

the flames danced like a wild tornado
leaving no trail but ashes
in Her path

stripped of faith
driven by winds of desire
She sails

merciless, angry
She beats on Her drums
while silently crying for freedom

Where the wildfire rages

in the middle of the masses
I ignite the flame of passion
an uprising, fuelled from within

a savage fire rages
She’s out of control
She rumbles, She burns
as yet another day turns
yes, I love Her

as flames taking hold
a new path unfolds
in Her ashes I see the inferno

The Bust

inflamed by the fuel of passion
I crave the ultimate lust

crawling below the flames eternal bust
at the bottom

The Labyrinth

trapped in a maze of deserted alleys
I wonder across an endless bridge
right on the edge, down the ridge
I am walking

echo’s of voices talking
they whisper to me, voices in my head, stalking
in the back of my mind, a well of memories, I find
I am drowning

some light I can see
around the corner, she might be
I can still hear her song
It won’t be that long

I have seen her before
her dress, red, I adore
I must find her

haunted I am
was it in Amsterdam?
now it’s Venice

in a Gondola I float
it’s a special kind of boat
and I’m crying

Whispers from ancient Greece

hundreds of Swallows playing
behind them a neon-red sky, saying

while the burning hot Sun, fading
in mountain of baby-blue mist, bading

Acropolis, a new treat
the sight I’m now seeing, a though one to beat

a red skirt in the wind, blowing
her hair, like lava, glowing

In the shadows I see
a stray-dog looking at me

as the match I light, is the end of the night
the city below me still trembles


I break & I’m broke, but refuse to be broken


speak up! let your voice be heard
keep quiet, yes absurd
you must say it now, not when or ever

some things needs saying
no time for praying
a confession, a sin
drown it in Gin
yes it’s over

a new story told
a twisted plot unfold
and it’s turning

in silence we morn
fragmented faces, old & worn
our souls fragile, battered & torn
we must fight it today, not tomorrow

like a sinner, I scream
the worst nightmare, yet a dream
I’m inside it

In the belly of the beast
trapped in life’s feast
I must slay it

Volume 1


a real mermaid of the sea
She’s walking down that beach
looking straight at me

in the sunset

into the waves, She runs
a heavenly body
the firmest of buns

in the sunset

I know I’m a sinner & She ain’t no nun
I’m weak in the knees
I think She’s the sun

In the sunset

it must be the heat
wild, wet and horny
I can feel that beat

in the sunset

it’s the best of my days
I kiss her, madly
“Bravissimo” She stays

in the sunset

The Fall

wondering around, lost in the dark
it’s getting cold, ain’t no walk in the park

the wood in a ring of fire burning
a fire gone wild, can’t tell where it’s turning

it’s a primal delight, it’s the dream drifting
a new dawn, a veil of fog, gently lifting

like a palette of of paint
rapidly changing, the colours, so faint

it’s the moon, peaking out
i grind my teeth and I shout

it’s a call form the wild
the desperate voice, of a starving child

far away through the woods, calling
it’s the end of the heat, and it’s winter falling

The well of dreams

in the middle of a cloud, I walk
a ray of light, gently shining
drifting into dreamland, a new language I talk

down the well of dreams, I’m falling
I can see her dancing
She’s the one, now calling

into the night I dive
a taste of honey
dripping from the hive

it’s a feast of delight
on the road to freedom
an eternal flight

towards the beach I fly
caught by the waves, a painting
now drowning, I die

The game

she told me that the flame
who flickers
was lit in her name
she runs down the alley
things will never be the same
I’m getting closer
it’s the end of the game

Within a dream

floating in a sea of dreams
a different life, brewing
nothing’s what it seems

like a sunflower dying
a sight of true beauty
it’s my love for life, crying

it’s a somber song
a flight from the day
now it won’t be long

for the day breaks at dawn
a tear in my eye
I close them and yawn

sound asleep, I lay to rest
flashing through the ages
it’s my life at it’s best


a lady of late
flashes through my dream
she might be the one, my soulmate

all across the ocean
a frequency, in tune
it’s Her voice in motion

it’s yage calling
from the depths of the jungle
into my dream falling

I can feel She is close
my heart, rapid beating
I can smell Her, my rose

a lifetime has passed
it’s the last leg
go slow, not so fast

Parallel Universe

as the winter looms
a light on the horizon
hot summer nights, glooms

into the darkness I wonder
drifting away
floating along, into the thunder

it’s trembling cold
walking that beach
a place to grow old

on the sand dunes I’m gently running

as heat turns to frost
a shining snow crystal
a lifeline is tossed

into the water I slowly vanish
it’s destiny’s path
and I’m banished

too cold to talk
I’m thinking of fleeing
among the unforgiven I walk


Into a rock I dive
a hard surface
resistance, I thrive

red velvet, from the ceeling, falling
it’s the one’s lost from their soul
silently calling

into the darkness I sink
down the drain,
drinking, life’s drink

on life’s boat, I now float
a gentle vibration in passing
a sound in my throat

from the gutter, I’m silently crying
towards the end of the day
another dream dying

Femme Fatale

Depending of what time of day
a new face emerges
an impression, made to stay

While she’s smiling, I grin
I can see her knickers
Lord help me, I’ll sin
She’s gone with the reaper
She drifts with the wind

I’m moved by her lips
a trembling sensation
while she shakes her hips

a delight for the eyes
her body, dancing
I wake up & She dies

a battle against yourself

a struggle inside
I fought
yes I tried

the demon within
a pulsating tumor
that fills me with sin

in my veins, her blood gently flowing
my alter ego, rising
it’s my soul on fire, now glowing