Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Volume 3

The biggest room in the world

in a room of my own, the last frontier, known
I am running

I made it mum
on top of the world, but a bum
in the middle of the slum
I am stumbling

like a knight, noble but white
I ride like a rebel
I create my own light
I draw my sword
It’s time to fight

Lady Luck

running through a field on fire
She cried out into the wilderness
a gracious soul, her life we must bless

the seeds of freedom, scattered among her ashes
She now blows with the wind
a life in flashes

an eternal quest
She now lays to rest
She was the one
the very best

My Heart

It gets a little smaller every year, but It’s still made of gold

Eclipse, a moment of silence

the Moon embraced the Sun
jacked heartbeats, united, I tremble

It came & it went
a moment well spent
without it, my spirit, still hollow


My pride in free fall
in my eyes, She stood tall
Her boots made of leather in fishnets

Her mouth my command
Her mercy, my hand
I must have Her

The price I must pay
Her orders obey
no tomorrow

She whips me with greed
a dark, hidden need
My soul is now freed
and I’m guilty


a gracious sight of rare, so precious
the night meets the day at Dawn

it’s Venus & Mars
melting like candy bars

in the middle of the sea
lightning strike a cloud in me
and I’m speechless

Where the butterflies rumble

a gang of butterflies danced across the bay
their reflections, like fresh Limes, in the ripples

in the Turquoise blue Sea
a mirror world
the place to be
while She is rising

into the wild, I now walk
deep green, I can’t talk
it’s so silent

She whispers, I see
an ancient crooked tree
full of Olives


caught behind many cages
She weeps
a song so sombre & lifeless

so colourful & fair
shinning wild eyes, saying “do I dare”
She’s the lovebird and it’s for her I care

She’s hungry for freedom
in silence She screams
She’s the woman of my wildest dreams

She’s keeper of the message
I’m so desperate to know
I must set her free, it’s time to go


the heat waves of Spring
in the park, birds, the Dawn Chorus sing

I walked down my road
a Pink Cherry tree, I’m owed
Her flowers in blossom
above me

that time of the year
no worries, no fear
I’m ecstatic


She turned into the night
as the lights outlined the city
I sat there seeing, no stars, what a pitty

a pulsating, vibration, trembling
She took a deep breath
Dusk is upon us
it’s the days death