Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Volume 1


a real mermaid of the sea
She’s walking down that beach
looking straight at me

in the sunset

into the waves, She runs
a heavenly body
the firmest of buns

in the sunset

I know I’m a sinner & She ain’t no nun
I’m weak in the knees
I think She’s the sun

In the sunset

it must be the heat
wild, wet and horny
I can feel that beat

in the sunset

it’s the best of my days
I kiss her, madly
“Bravissimo” She stays

in the sunset

The Fall

wondering around, lost in the dark
it’s getting cold, ain’t no walk in the park

the wood in a ring of fire burning
a fire gone wild, can’t tell where it’s turning

it’s a primal delight, it’s the dream drifting
a new dawn, a veil of fog, gently lifting

like a palette of of paint
rapidly changing, the colours, so faint

it’s the moon, peaking out
i grind my teeth and I shout

it’s a call form the wild
the desperate voice, of a starving child

far away through the woods, calling
it’s the end of the heat, and it’s winter falling

The well of dreams

in the middle of a cloud, I walk
a ray of light, gently shining
drifting into dreamland, a new language I talk

down the well of dreams, I’m falling
I can see her dancing
She’s the one, now calling

into the night I dive
a taste of honey
dripping from the hive

it’s a feast of delight
on the road to freedom
an eternal flight

towards the beach I fly
caught by the waves, a painting
now drowning, I die

The game

she told me that the flame
who flickers
was lit in her name
she runs down the alley
things will never be the same
I’m getting closer
it’s the end of the game

Within a dream

floating in a sea of dreams
a different life, brewing
nothing’s what it seems

like a sunflower dying
a sight of true beauty
it’s my love for life, crying

it’s a somber song
a flight from the day
now it won’t be long

for the day breaks at dawn
a tear in my eye
I close them and yawn

sound asleep, I lay to rest
flashing through the ages
it’s my life at it’s best


a lady of late
flashes through my dream
she might be the one, my soulmate

all across the ocean
a frequency, in tune
it’s Her voice in motion

it’s yage calling
from the depths of the jungle
into my dream falling

I can feel She is close
my heart, rapid beating
I can smell Her, my rose

a lifetime has passed
it’s the last leg
go slow, not so fast

Parallel Universe

as the winter looms
a light on the horizon
hot summer nights, glooms

into the darkness I wonder
drifting away
floating along, into the thunder

it’s trembling cold
walking that beach
a place to grow old

on the sand dunes I’m gently running

as heat turns to frost
a shining snow crystal
a lifeline is tossed

into the water I slowly vanish
it’s destiny’s path
and I’m banished

too cold to talk
I’m thinking of fleeing
among the unforgiven I walk


Into a rock I dive
a hard surface
resistance, I thrive

red velvet, from the ceeling, falling
it’s the one’s lost from their soul
silently calling

into the darkness I sink
down the drain,
drinking, life’s drink

on life’s boat, I now float
a gentle vibration in passing
a sound in my throat

from the gutter, I’m silently crying
towards the end of the day
another dream dying

Femme Fatale

Depending of what time of day
a new face emerges
an impression, made to stay

While she’s smiling, I grin
I can see her knickers
Lord help me, I’ll sin
She’s gone with the reaper
She drifts with the wind

I’m moved by her lips
a trembling sensation
while she shakes her hips

a delight for the eyes
her body, dancing
I wake up & She dies

a battle against yourself

a struggle inside
I fought
yes I tried

the demon within
a pulsating tumor
that fills me with sin

in my veins, her blood gently flowing
my alter ego, rising
it’s my soul on fire, now glowing